Austen's Women

JANE AUSTEN created some of literature's most celebrated characters, defining her era, sex and class. Two hundred years on, her works continue to speak for the yearning heart as much as they did when they were written - so just how much has really changed for women since then?

In a solo performance of extraordinary virtuosity - using only Austen's words - Rebecca Vaughan boldy revisits the most rewarding moments from the 'two inches of ivory'. In scenes of high comedy and profound pathos, she deconstructs the souls of Emma Woodhouse, Lizzy Bennet, Mrs Norris, Miss Bates and nine other beautifully observed women.

Divorced from their historical context (and in the absence of their men), these women present a glorious distillation of 19th century feminism and speak volumes about love, friendship, and notorious improprieties.

Austen lovers and the uninitiated alike will revel in this brilliant and illuminating evocation of Austen's Women.

Austen's Women

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